ASM & Rochester Institute of Technology partnership looks to the future of a digital world
In today’s digital world, with ever more interconnectivity, companies like ASM are enabling their customers to create the next generation electronics devices and packages, that can enhance the way we live, work and interact with each other. ASM technology will require smart designers, smart factories, and a well-trained, well-qualified workforce. Rochester Institute of Technology is leading the way by educating the next generation of designers, manufacturing engineers and researchers needed to continue the fast pace of product development and realization. Therefore, ASM Assembly Systems cohosted an event with their partners, Rochester Institute of Technology, on June 21st to celebrate a new expanded partnership between the 2 organizations.
For the last 15 years, RIT has had SIPLACE equipment in their CEMA lab (Center for electronics manufacturing and assembly). The equipment has been used for student and industry projects as well as training. Earlier this year ASM installed a DEK Horizon screen printer and a SIPLACE SX pick and place machine. These 2 pieces of equipment are the latest state of the art technology that will allow ASM and RIT to conduct process development projects on all of the newest technologies being developed in the SMT and packaging area. RIT will also be supported by one of ASM’s Senior engineers, who will work out of the CEMA lab, conducting research on behalf of ASM’s global R&D department.