The Smart #1 SMT Factory on world tour

With its smart solutions, ASM shapes the future of electronics manufacturers worldwide, as the visitors of the JISSO PROTEC trade show in Japan could just see for themselves. The ASM booth demonstrated quite clearly that the intelligent solutions from ASM make the Smart #1 SMT Factory possible already today for manufacturers of all sizes in all industries and regions.
SMT producers all over the world are looking for connected, powerful and flexibly scalable production solutions. At the JISSO PROTEC trade show, interested visitors could see at the ASM booth how intelligent ASM solutions are already revolutionizing electronics plants worldwide. One such example was the ASM Remote Smart Factory, an innovative communication platform that provides a secure global link between equipment supplier and electronics manufacturer by putting ASM support specialists and process experts within easy reach. Reliable 24-hour support and preventive maintenance services enable customers to reduce their costs of maintaining and improving their SMT production line. The connected platform can also be used as an internal tool for seamless factory-to-factory communication.  Simply smart!

If you, too, would like to see the innovative ASM solutions for the Smart #1 SMT Factory in action, visit one of the many ASM shows and events worldwide. We look forward to your visit!