It’s lonely at the top of the high-end segment

You want to set benchmarks in performance, flexibility, quality and investment protection – all the criteria that are essential in highly efficient electronics production? With the SIPLACE X-Series S, the smart high-end placement solution from technology leader ASM, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready for the path to the top.
Its exceptional performance flexibility, trailblazing technologies and highest quality standards make the SIPLACE X-Series S the leading placement solution on the market. Equipped with two, three or four gantries, powerful placement heads and matching conveyors, it adapts to your precise requirements – and can be quickly reconfigured should the need arise.
The major benefits of the SIPLACE X-Series S at a glance:
  • X times the performance: Under realistic production conditions, the SIPLACE X4i S leaves all competitors’ solutions in the dust. It places even very small and highly complex components at top speeds.
  • X times the flexibility: With its modular heads and intelligent placement concepts, the SIPLACE X-Series S adapts easily to your requirements to let you benefit from smart setup processes and the fastest new product introductions.
  • X times the quality: The lowest defect rates of fewer than 3 dpm and a placement accuracy of ±22µm/3σ speak for themselves. With the SIPLACE X-Series S you have total control of the entire placement process – even when the job includes super-small 0201 (metric) components.
Compare for yourself. Get all relevant background information in the new SIPLACE X-Series S brochure.