Your smart network of experts:
The ASM Center of Competence

With its team of experts and its state-of-the-art production facilities, the new process and technology forum of technology leader ASM paves the way to the Smart #1 SMT Factory. The SMT Center of Competence stands out with a unique set of services. You can experience best practices in action, get valuable tips, test new technologies and processes, try out new ideas, and discuss your path to the Smart #1 SMT Factory with ASM's experts.
"The SMT Center of Competence puts an end to the one-way street approach of classic demo centers. Today’s SMT processes are simply too complex to identify real improvements based on individual process steps. At the SMT CoC we analyze the complete production process in detail and demonstrate concrete line solutions in action. This allows us to discuss our partners’ needs with them, develop smart solutions for individual production challenges and test them immediately on-site. The result is a new kind of global skills network and active partner management system that benefits all the parties involved," says Bernhard Fritz, the manager in charge of ASM’s SMT Centers of Competence.

If you are looking for solutions to your specific production challenges, don't hesitate to put ASM’s technology and process experts to the test. Make an appointment or visit the SMT Center of Competence online. Our services are available to anyone interested in SMT process technology.  We look forward to welcoming you at the SMT Center of Competence!