Tip of the month:
Tray teaching made easy

Upgrading to SIPLACE Station Software 710 makes tray teaching easier than ever. Describing even complex tray shapes directly on the station now takes only a few steps.
Particularly in environments with great product diversity and shrinking lot sizes, being able to change setups quickly delivers a true competitive advantage. With the new tray teaching solution in SIPLACE Station Software 710 you save valuable time and gain noticeable productivity improvements.
Here's how easy it is:
  • Enter the number of the tray’s rows and columns.
  • Use the vision system to teach the first and last position of the tray compartments – the system computes the positions of the other compartments and components automatically.
  • The SIPLACE Station Software 710 can also determine the compartment positions based on the component positions.
The benefits of the SIPLACE Station Software 710 at a glance:
  • Teach trays quickly and easily directly at the station
  • Describing new tray shapes is no longer a problem thanks to expanded graphical components
  • User-friendly solutions for even faster new product introductions
  • Custom solutions available for complex and non-symmetrical trays
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