High-precision alignment of LED components based on visible characteristics:
New and improved SIPLACE LED Centering

SIPLACE LED Centering makes the LED placement process more flexible. Effective immediately, the system can detect the optical centers of LED components based on slotted holes and indents, enabling you to respond even more flexibly to your customers’ requests. The innovative SIPLACE vision system guarantees highest precision at all times - with maximum efficiency: With the current version of SIPLACE Pro (14.0) and the latest station software (710.0), you can increase your placement performance by another 50 percent compared to the prior version.
With the complex design of LED lenses and reflector systems, all components must be perfectly aligned, because even the smallest offset in the chip’s position results in massive shifts in the light axis. LED Centering ensures the automatic alignment of optical LED centers based on programmable fiducials such as indents, circular or slotted holes. The system recognizes chip offsets resulting from manufacturing tolerances and makes automatic placement corrections.

Find out more! Our new SIPLACE LED Centering data sheet provides valuable background information.