Bulgaria rocks!
SMT Solutions hosts Technology Days in Sofia

Rousing rock music, futuristic smart glasses and a new dimension in digitization were some of the highlights of the Technology Days hosted by ASM in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. More than 45 regional electronics manufacturers accepted the invitation to experience ASM's latest innovations live and test tomorrow’s technologies today in fascinating hands-on sessions. In the evening, the guests were able to talk about the challenges and opportunities in the electronics industry in a more relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the live sounds of the "Rhythm Boys", who count ASM account manager Kiril Gentshev as one of their members.
This event highlight this year was without a doubt the ASM Remote Smart Factory. For the first time, the attendees could see live and in person how they can employ a unique remote support network as well as tools like smart glasses and smart phones to permanently raise the quality of their production. The presentation of E by DEK and E by SIPLACE machines, the new standards in the mid-speed segment, generated a lot of interest as well. In accordance with ASM's credo to not just talk about trailblazing manufacturing concepts but actually implement them on the factory floor, the event centered around exciting hands-on sessions that brought the latest ASM innovations to life.  Another highlight was the visit at regional ASM reference customer Behr-Hella Thermocontrol, during which the guests could experience ASM’s leading technology solutions in a real production environment.
In summary, the SMT Technology Days showed that Bulgaria rocks!  If you, too, want to experience the latest ASM innovations live and in person, visit us at the SMT Hybrid Packaging industry fair in Nuremberg (May 16-18) or make a reservation for one of our SMT Center of Competence Days. We look forward to hearing from you.