Tip of the month:
Smart nozzle management for perfect placement results

SIPLACE is known for its wide selection of standard and special nozzles. But which nozzle is the right one for your particular component? And how can you make sure that the nozzle will stay in top shape for the entire production run? With powerful, best-in-class equipment from SIPLACE you won't have to worry, because your SIPLACE placement platform comes with automatic nozzle management built-in.
Each SIPLACE collect-and-place nozzle carries its own ID that is read automatically and makes sure that the head is equipped with the right nozzle for the particular job at all times. And the new V. 90 software release makes it easier than ever to see which nozzle is best-suited for which component shape. When the machine learns the pickup position, the system displays graphical nozzle overlays including the component contact area.

And if the SIPLACE vision system is unable to verify preset nozzle properties like height, width and contact area, the placement head takes steps to correct the problem on its own. If the nozzle is contaminated, the machine initiates a cleaning program automatically. And if the nozzle cannot be vacuum-cleaned, then it is returned to the magazine. If the nozzle is damaged and no longer usable, it is discarded and replaced automatically. The system picks up another nozzle of the same type from the magazine and keeps working without interruption. No immediate operator assist is needed, but the station displays a corresponding message.
Simply smart. Find out more! The SIPLACE Component Support is also available online around the clock.