ASM at APEX 2017
The Smart  #1 SMT Factory attracts large audiences

From February 14 to 16, many visitors of the APEX show in California took the opportunity to experience the Smart #1 SMT Factory ‘live’ at the ASM booth. Guests could explore the factory floor of the future on their own during an interactive tour with RFID technology.
"The idea behind our live smart factory floor was to present our solutions in a way that feels natural to electronics manufacturers – we wanted to move away from the outdated concept of merely displaying solitary machines and theoretical performance values. We delivered proof that the ways to an automated, integrated production are manifold and within anybody’s reach. ASM is the right partner for smart concepts," so Mark Ogden, ASM Marketing Manager Americas. The exclusive tour consisted of ten stations that reflected the complete process chain in an electronics manufacturing plant.
If you want to see the smart production solutions from ASM in operation, attend one of the many ASM events.