Onboard PCB Inspection: Quickly and easily increase production quality
ASM Release 17-1 is rolled out with the new function Onboard PCB Inspection for SIPLACE placement machines. Onboard PCB Inspection checks before large components, BGAs and Shields are placed, whether any interfering objects are on the PCB surface or whether all components are present as planned. If needed, even presence of solder paste on the pads before placement can be inspected. All of that is possible without having to program complex component descriptions.
During programming of the PCB components that should be inspected have to be marked, and the user has to choose what should be inspected: solder paste, alien objects on the PCB surface before placement or presence of components after. 
Your advantages:
• Inspection at the end of the line can only find defects, not prevent them
• No additional invest for an external inspection system
• Easy programming
• Simple analysis of sporadic defects, as inspection can be activated at any given time